ES-2318W Manual

ES-2318W Manual

1) Personal code: 1-10 digits(factory setting: 123). The guest can set the personal code within 10 digits.

2) Operation (The safe can not be locked before input the personal code under opening situation)

Install 4 AA batteries into the external battery case, plug in the outlet on the faceplate, input factory setting personal code or master code, when press the button there will be a beep.

1. Lock the door

Turn the knob in anti-clockwise to lock the safe.

2. Opening

Input personal code, press “A”. When the OPEN light on, turn the knob in clockwise to open the safe.

Please repeat the operation 1 & 2 when you use the safe again.

3. Change guest code:

Under opening situation, press the red button on the back cover of door. The CHG yellow light on, input new guest code (within 10 digits) and press “A”. The yellow light off. That means the new code replace the old code.


4. Emergency opening:

If forget personal code or other reasons make the safe can’t be opened, you can use emergency key or override master code to open the door. (use the emergency key hole behind the faceplate)