QNN SAFE is a company with a rich heritage. The company was founded as a safe factory more than 80 years ago and went on specialize in safes in 1999. Headquartered in Shunde of Foshan city, China, QNN has expanded to a global operation with a subsidiary QNN SAFE (USA) INC in the United States in 2013.

QNN SAFE, in the meanwhile, has gone on to establish itsself as one of the leading suppliers of safes of all kinds. As specialists for hotel and residential safes, we sell more than 500,000 safes all over the world each year. Our product range includes hotel/Residential safes, deposit safes, B-rated free standing safes, floor safe, high security home safes, gun safes and etc. Consumers are therefor able to obtain safes at an optimal price-performance ratio all from one single source: QNNSAFE.

Quality and Service

More than 100, 000 customers worldwide place confidence in our innovative ideas and expertise. There is no such thing as "no can do!" This motto has a tradition within the company. Alongside our standard range and by special request, we also offer individual solutions as required by our customers.

As a professional manufacturer and exporter, we believe that it is our commitment to provide goods with originality, reliable quality and punctual delivery at the most competitive price possible. Our customer care service will be there to support you long after you have purchased with us.

We are there at your side-for sure!

QNN Safe (USA) Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese parent company, QNN Safe Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

About QNNSafe