DM-2045ZH Manual

DM-2045ZH Manual

Function of safe:

Double code system, user code and master code

1) User code (4-6 digits), Factory setting:1234

2) Master code (6 digits), Factory setting: 888888

3) With code hidden function

4) Holde 5mins of keypad after 3 times wrong trying


First opening: install 4 AA batteries into the external battery case, plug in the outlet which behind the Brand position, level shift the Brand position from right to left.

Second: to pressing the Handle button, make handle up.

Third: Press on the panel to wake up the safe, back light on, you can see the number clearly. Input original code (1234) and , You will see “OPEN” if the code is correct. Then it will show “OPENED”, Pull the handle to left (Clockwise direction), the door can be opened.

When you see the safe show “E-CODE”, that means your code is wrong.

Remove the batteries from the external battery case to the battery case on the back of the door, you can use the safe without the external power supply now.

Close the door

Push the drawer to close position, press to wake up the safe, and input your code (4-6 digits), then press again, the panel shows “CLOSE” then “CLOSED”, the drawer is closed automatically.

Code setting

Change Personal Code:

Under open situation, press the then input your new code (within 4-6 digits) and press again, to show “CLOSED”. Now you will see your new code on the displayer, which means your operation succeeds.

Change Master Code:

Under open situation, press the and input the original Master Code (Factory setting: 888888), then press , you will hear two short beep and the safe shows ‘NEU’. (If the Master Code is wrong, press will delete one digit just input). Input your new Master code and press , it will show ‘AGAIN’, input your new Master Code and press again, when you hear two short beep and the safe shows ‘DONE’ means your operation succeed.

Emergency opening

If you have forgotten your personal code or for other reasons the safe cannot be opened, you can use the emergency key or CEU to open the door.

Code hidden function

Press to wake up the safe, then input button two times and one time, you will hear beep two times. It comes into hidden code function. Repeat above steps, the code will be recovered. Code digits will be show as “



If you input an incorrect code 3 times, the keypad will be held for 15 minutes. During this period, there will be no response when pressing any key, and show HOLD+Digit, the digit is the holding time. After 15 minutes, it will recover its normal situation.


When it lowers than 5V, whether the door is open or closed, it will show LO-BAT on the displayer.

(3)“” is also a deletion key; press one time will delete one digit input.